New In: Glasses

Glasses (frames) from Topshop - buy here

My eyesight is bad. Very bad. So bad in fact, that I had my prescription changed in November, and now, mid January, have to have it changed again! It's deteriorated so fast, meaning I had to get new glasses. Or, newER glasses. Why not just re-lens my current glasses? Believe it or not, it's actually more expensive that way. On the deal we selected, it was buy one pair get another half price. I chose the exact same rayban frames (see here), and couldn't find another that quite tickled my fancy.

I asked the optician if I found frames elsewhere, would they be able to put the half price lenses in them. I had seen these beauties in Topshop, and I was going to purchase them simply to wear as an accessory over my contact lenses - but it was worth a try, non?!

I took them in the following day, and UHmazingly she said yes?! Not all opticians will though, so make sure you ask first! These cost me £14 only (plus the half price lenses) and I'm all sorted!

I'm the type of person who wants to be able to see whilst look fab at the same time - aka beautiful glasses! I always know they're a good pair when people ask 'are they actual prescription glasses?' - woohoo - now I have two pairs to choose from!

I wear glasses from 6PM onwards usually, and I wear my contact lenses throughout the day until my eyes start to get tired! However, I'm totes going to use these as a statement, rather than an eye-see-er-helper-er.


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  2. Hello! Love your glasses! I wear lenses as well and i always like keeping my pair ;)

    xoxo from France,