Becca Rose Revamped

New year, new layout. I'm really excited to start focusing on my blog again, and for me to feel particularly motivated, I knew I would need to re-format my website (or my Dad/sister's boyf!) so I was happy with it.

Part of my 2014 Bucket List (watch here) was to do with this very blog. 'Do at least four posts a week' - I've concluded that I want to do something each day? (eek!) and I already have a big plan and outline of posts ready to go! Unfortunately, whilst in the process of re-vamping, my past blog posts ended up being removed. However, I look at this as a positive! Starting a fresh if you will! Plus, the photos may have been squashed, and it would look a mess.

Thank you for your continued support!

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  1. Hey Becca
    i really Love yout blog, and your youtube. It would mean everything if you would mention my blog, in eighter one of your videos ore on you your blog. It will only take you a few minuts<3


    PS: you are so beautiful :-))