Jackie Oates Colour Supplement Review

Jackie Oates Colour Supplement - Lush (buy here)
'This is for fairer folk – like those with a typical English Rose complexion. These paler skins tend to need gentle care and nurturing. So we’ve made the base of this supplement similar to our Dirty Shaving Cream, full of lots of things - like oatmilk, honey and aloe vera - to cool the skin and reduce redness'

Jackie Oates (named after English Rose complexion-ed singer, Jackie Oates) is my new favourite friend. I'm not a big foundation wearer (ta for the skin mum!) as I don't feel it's too necessary - I'm lucky to have clear skin - nor can I ever find a shade pale enough for my complexion. I went through a phase of wearing BB cream for evenings out, and just settled for that, thinking I'd never find anything better than my beloved L'oreal BB cream. 

Enter Lush. 

I remember reading reviews on it absolutely ages ago, and I never thought to try it. However recently, I've wanted a bit more of an evened out face - rather than pinky tones dotted around. I love Lush in general, and had never tried any of the makeup items stocked on the shelves... until December. I opted for the lightest shade, and did the 'oh I'll just put it in my drawer and try it soon' thing, but early December I decided to try it (best decision ever!)

It doesn't make me look any darker, it doesn't add an orange-ness to me, nor does it change my complexion - it blends in perfectly - a common problem for us pales!

Another problem for fair skin? THE SUN. Pale skin types are the most sensitive to sun damage - but not to worry!

'We wanted to offer some protection without burdening this cream with heavy chemical sunscreens. The solution was to add titanium dioxide as part of the pigment, which acts as a sun block.'

On application, it can feel a bit thick when blending, so remember a little goes a long way. That said, this is by NO means a thick, heavy product. In fact, I forget I'm wearing it. Something that puts me of foundations and such products is the sticky, heavy feel of them - with this, it's like a second skin. I can only imagine how amazing it would look with a primer underneath (I lie, I don't have to imagine, it's AMAZING - I use ELF's Primer!)

The staying power is incredible. On a typical commute-to-London-type-day I would apply my makeup (base first!) at about 7:30AM. Then, when looking in a Topshop mirror while having a last minute shop before heading home at 9.00PM, I notice it still looks as 'airbrushed' as when I first applied it. Fyi, this happened early January, I don't look in the mirror at Topshop EVERY time - lolz.

All in all, I would recommend this to any girl with pale skin. It comes in a variety of pale shades so there's bound to be something that works! It's light to medium coverage but easily build-able - or, simply add a bit of concealer!

What Lush makeup products do you recommend?



  1. Hiya Becca - was so cool to meet you at Lush last week! Now following you, woohoo!

    I love the Lush lip scrubs and they have amazing eyeliner colours too (just wish I actually had an opportunity to wear anything except black..)

    Love Zoe x
    Face Value Beauty Blog

  2. I am so intrigued by this product!!! unfortunately I'm trying not to shop for the WHOLE of February :( ... which I'm really going to struggle with! Definitely on my to-buy list!

    I've just started a new blog and recently did a mini LUSH haul, it would be great if you checked it out :D

    Hayley xx

  3. This sounds perfect for my skin, thank you for this post i've added this product to my wishlist :)x

  4. Enjoyed reading your review xx

  5. they have really nice lip paint as well! :)

  6. I am IN LOVE with your everyday makeup routine and was about to suggest a review until I saw it on here! Thank you it is so helpful and I have a foundation review on my own blog. P.S you're now on my blog roll :) x

  7. This sounds amazing! The lightest shade possible in most foundation ranges is still too dark for me, being pale is certainly a pain sometimes; definitely going to pick this up next time I stock up on Lush :)